AcuRhythm is an acupuncture app for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) for classical/traditional acupuncturists interested in chrono-acupuncture. The app calculates ‘open’ points using various theories including: Zi Wu Liu Zu (Stems & Branches, Midday/Midnight, Adopting Stems, Partner days, Husband/Wife, Same Clan), Ling Gui Ba Fa (Eight Techniques of The Mysterious Turtle), Fei Teng Ba Fa (Eight Techniques of Soaring), Wei Qi clock, and 24 minute Inter-generation point selection.

I Ching (Yi Jing) based point selection based on the work of Dr. Chao Chen is also provided.

Biorhythm information, Ominous days, and Age based prohibitions (Human / Sacrococcygeal spirit locations) are also provided. (iOS ONLY).

Other useful point information is given by Channel, including: Source, Luo, Xi-Cleft, 5 Shu, 5 Element techniques such as the 4 Needle Technique. (ANDROID ONLY).

AcuRhythm has three time settings: Local time, Local time excluding any daylight savings, & Local solar time (the preferred option) calculated using your current longitude.